Since 2017, the “Muhammet-Balkan” Economic Society began production of synthetic carpets from 100%  polyester of “Novruz Khaly” on the production line and using the latest modern technology.

The Novruz Khaly factory is located in an industrial zone created by members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, in the Ak Bugday district of the Akhal Province, equipped with the latest technologies and equipment imported from Turkey and Germany.

The daily production capacity of the factory is 5 thousand m2.  This factory produces high-quality synthetic carpets for homes, offices, hotels, theaters and other buildings for various purposes.

Carpet products are currently exported to the United States and Kazakhstan.


  1. Favorable price
  2. Heat Resistance
  3. Convenience and comfort
  4. 4.Antibacterial
  5. Non-slip
  6. 6.Easy to clean

Adress: Street 2127 (G.Kulyyewa) store №88 “Nowruz Haly”
Phone: +99312 754775 +99312 468603

Fax: +99312 468603
Instagram : nowruz_haly


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Modern HALY

Nowruz HALY

Surat HALY

Turkmen HALY

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Tämiz HALY

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