Our company was founded in 2008. “Aksuv” Company is the owner of one of the largest tanneries (tan-yards) in Turkmenistan.                                                      
We make leather from hides of great cattle and small cattle, as well as camels, various colors, classes and semi-finished wet-blue products. We use the latest Italian and Turkish equipment in production.
Our raw hide/skin processing plant is located at the distance of 130 km away from the city of Ashgabat in the village of Sunche of the Baherden district of the Akhal region.

                                                               Our complex has enough capacity to process 10 tons or 550 cattle hides per day.

Adress: Ataturk street, 82. Business center “Berkarar”, 10th floor, office appartment J7, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Phone: +99312 468601/02
Fax: +99312 468603
E-mail: info@mbgrouptm.com
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