Ten Turkmen companies will present their performances at an online exhibition “Central Asia- Virtual EXPO (CAVEX)”, which is organized by the Japan Association for trade with Russia and with new independent states (ROTOBO) from 15 to 26 February 2021.

Investment webinars will be held within the exhibition, as well as national days of Central Asian countries. Day of Turkmenistan will be held on 19th February.


Their projects and enterprises at the exhibition will demonstrate the state structures of our country, which are:

  1. Ministry of Finance and economy of Turkmenistan
  2. Ministry of Textile of Turkmenistan
  3. Chamber of Commmerce and Industry of Turkmenistan
  4. State concern “Turkmengaz”
  5. State concern “Turkmenhimiya”
  6. State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan


Also private domestic enterprises will expose their products:


  1. Individual enterprise “Tach hill”
  2. Individual enterprise “Miweli ulke”
  3. Economical society “Muhammet-Balkan”
  4. Open joint-stock company “Abadanhaly”

Exibitors will place their contents at the national digital stand, which will be available to all visitors at the time of the official opening ceremony of the exhibition and during its validity.

Also, from 1st February 2021 begins its work http://rotobo-cavex.sakura.ne.jp

The links : www.jp-tr.org


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